One of the best things about cycle tours is that, no matter if it’s your first tour or you’ve been on multiple ones, no trip is ever the same. While an independent backpacking bike trip requires a significant amount of planning, Banff cycling tour packages take the weight of organizing off your shoulders. Before you embark on your first (or tenth!) Banff bicycle tour, here’s a great refresher as you plan for your next adventure.

Plan for every weather

If you live in Alberta, you already know how quickly the weather can turn. It’s not uncommon to see snow in June and a high of +20 degrees celsius in March! Of course, that’s not to say you need to bring a parka on a Banff cycle tour, but we do recommend a light jacket and some layers that you can take off as needed. Check the weather forecast ahead of your trip and pack accordingly. During hot summer days, some cyclists choose a functional under-layer that quickly removes moisture and a water-resistant jacket with breathable material that protects against wind and rain.

Packing equipment for Banff cycle tours

An advantage of an all-inclusive cycling experience is that most offer support vans with everything you need for an emergency – including bike parts, tire pump, an extra bike, water bottles, refreshments, a first aid kit, and more. The support van drives along with the group for the duration of the cycle tour. All you need is a helmet, extra clothing, a water bottle, and a camera to capture the beautiful scenery around you!
Banff cycling tours
Banff cycling tours

Set a training schedule

Although a bike tour is not a race, a multi-day Banff cycle tour can be physically taxing. The goal of training before a cycle tour is to prevent injury and get your body prepped ahead of time. The type of preparation varies from person to person and depends on your current fitness level. As a general guide, we recommend setting a training schedule for four weeks:
  • At least half an hour of cardio every day
  • Strength training at least twice a week
  • Practice rides at least four times a week, lengthening the distance each day

Inspect your bike ahead of time

Do a bike maintenance check days before the tour to give yourself time to make repairs. Even seemingly minor problems like a poorly adjusted seat or squeaky brakes can turn into a bigger issue on a multi-day tour. Noticing a problem right before you hit the trail can put a damper on your cycling experience.

Enjoy the ride!

Last but certainly not least, Banff cycle tours are meant to be enjoyed. All-inclusive packages take care of the details for you, including meals and hotel accommodations so you can focus on enjoying the sights and highlights of the trip. You’ll have the opportunity to marvel at some of the hidden gems of the Rockies and experience one of the most adventurous trips Banff has to offer.
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