Why ride or hike with us?

Whether participating in our cycling or hiking tours, your authentic mountain experience is paramount to our team. We strive to offer flexibility and freedom throughout your adventures with us, so as to help you achieve full enjoyment of our beautiful backyard without forfeiting comfort or relaxation.

Here are some more reasons why you should travel with us to the Canadian Rockies

  • Your safety is our number one priority
  • All of our tours include 2 professional guides and a maximum of 12 guests to ensure the highest level of care.
  • Our guides are certified first aider and operates under the interpretive guide association of Canada.
  • We work with local guides who truly love and respect the places we visit.
  • We choose quality accommodations in beautiful places to ensure your comfort, after all you will have earned it!
  • We will take care of transporting your luggage.
  • We provide safe storage at night and transportation during the day for your gears.
  • Your guides will also be your chefs for the week. They are looking forward to preparing you gourmet meals to keep you energized throughout your adventures.
  • We are high quality coffee lovers! We will be happy to serve you a good cup during our breaks.
  • Our bikes are checked and tuned every week by professional mechanics.
  • Our camping gears are constantly renewed.
  • All our trips are round trips returning you to the start location.
  • We work with the #1 rafting company in the Canadian Rockies.

You will definitely not find a better value on cycling or hiking tours in the Canadian Rockies.

Social & Environmental Values


On all departures, we use local accommodation and activity providers. We shop locally at groceries store and markets. We also partner with local vendors for all goods and services, such as local bike shops, outdoor equipment retailers, and car mechanic garages, where we conduct all the maintenance on our vehicles fleet. These initiatives all bring economic benefit to the local communities that we visit and support our local businesses.

We hire only local guides to reflect best the traditions and customs of the places we visit and guarantee the most authentic experience possible to our guests. Our guides are active members of their communities and are involved in various social programs during the year.

We spend the entirety of your tour in National Parks, where we cover the entrance fees and permits. The costs and licenses are used to support the parks services in their mandate with ecosystem protection, sustainability, and maintaining infrastructure designated for visitors. We also interact with various levels of parks employees, such as campground attendants and visitor safety attendants. This helps in maintaining a connection with the community and their roles within the National Parks.

Our tour leaders will educate you on how best to interact with the wildlife in the parks, such as maintaining a safe distance for yourself and the animal’s safety and abstaining from feeding the wildlife. They will also advise all groups to keep to the path when hiking and not pack trail side souvenirs to bring home.


We are very proud and excited to be offering you low environmental impact tours that benefit both the places and communities we visit. We all need to be aware of the delicate balance in the variety of natural wonders you will see. National Parks and other sensitive areas will be treated with utmost respect and dignity to ensure that the next generations appreciate and experience them in the same way we are.

Our ‘Travellers’ Code of Conduct’ will help prepare and inform you of the various positive or negative effects that we could have on destinations we will visit. Our code includes everything from handling wildlife encounters to how you can help to conserve precious natural resources. Your tour leaders will explain this code of conduct during the first night’s orientation talk and encourage you to follow it throughout your trip.

Our code includes guidelines from the international campaign ‘Leave No Trace’. This movement was designed to help us minimize the impact on the National Parks and other wilderness areas that we visit. Some fundamental guidelines we follow include hiking on designated trails, staying in official campgrounds, disposing of all waste responsibly, recycling whatever we can, and keeping the wildlife wild by not feeding them.

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