At Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours safety has always been our #1 priority and with the latest health concerns around the World we will certainly bring it to the next level. As the situation evolves, we will surely adapt ourselves to Heath Authorities Guidelines but as of now these are the areas where we will bring it to next-step:

  • We will make sure our guides are informed, trained, and follow our Health & Safety Protocols.
  • Our guides will be more than vigilant to identify and address any Health & Safety Issues.
Support Van, Bikes and Equipment
  • At the end of each day our Support Van will be well cleaned/sanitized by our guides. We will be more than careful to cover all areas that may be touched.
  • All Bikes and Equipment will be cleaned/sanitized by our guides when needed.
Physical Distancing
  • We are reducing the number of guests per tours. Wearing a face covering will be mandatory while we are in the Van. Please make sure you bring your own face covering as we will not supply them. They can be fabrics, bandanas … your choice.
  • During Lunches, Breaks, Dinners, Group Meetings, or other moments when guests need to regroup, we will assure to keep a proper distance between everyone.
Accommodations and Restaurants
  • We will be in constant contact with our operators to make sure they have a safe environment for our Guests and Guides.
Food Preparation
  • All guides are trained and will follow Health authorities’ guidelines while preparing meals. In addition, they will wear gloves and face covering.
Be Healthy
  • At our first gathering
    • We will ask all guest to complete a short questionnaire on their present Health Status.
    • We will make a mandatory temperature check of all our guests. Any guests having a temperature > 100 degrees will not be able to join the group.
  • If/when needed we will make temperature checks.
We strongly recommend that guests bring their own Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes for their personal use. We will supply Hand Sanitizers and Wipes when needed.

We hope these measures will assure a Healthy and Enjoyable week for all our Guests and Guides.

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