Imagine for a moment, the quiet, scenic view, the hushed bustle of wildlife and the sound of your bicycle on a paved path as your travel on your cycle tour. The Canadian Rockies are visited by over four million tourists every year. When considering how to explore the Canadian Rockies, one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself is by choosing a cycling tour! In this blog, we’ll go over why cycling tours are one of the best ways to experience the expansive majesty of the Canadian Rockies.

What is a cycle tour?

Guided bicycle tours are a popular way to explore and immerse yourself in any kind of location of your choice. Cycling tours are when a group of people bike for days or weeks at time on a scheduled route usually with a tour guide or two. These kinds of tours can accommodate any kind of time duration, it is not uncommon to hear of bicycle tours that pan entire cities, provinces, or even countries. Generally bicycle tours are overnight endeavors, but it is possible to complete a guided cycling tour within a single day. For overnight excursions, it entails a multi-day event where your luggage, gear, food and clothing is carried for you in a separate vehicle that meets you at certain checkpoints along the way. Some cycle tours are all-inclusive, where food, accommodation, gear and stops are planned for you while others only the route and possible lodging is.

Benefits of doing a cycle tour through the Canadian Rockies

With so many ways to experience the grandiose Canadian Rockies, you may be wondering what is the benefit of choosing a cycle tour over conventional driving. Exploring the Canadian Rockies is a thrilling excursion and undertaking but doing it via cycle has some unique advantages such as:  

Immerse yourself in your surroundings

Guided bicycle tours allow for a personal, intimate experience with the surroundings around you. The professional tour guide who accompanies you will act as your bridge to all the hidden gems and unique local culture. Cycle tours allow for flexibility and versatility that can be difficult to replicate by car or other modes of transportation.  

Low environmental impact

Pedaling through the Canadian Rockies is a great way to have a low environmental impact and is a great sustainable mode of transportation.Choosing a bike over a vehicle simply once a day reduces the averages person’s carbon emissions by roughly 67%. Bicycling tours also allows for you take advantage of multi-purpose trails, which grants you ideal access to viewpoints of various lakes, historic sites, and other viewpoints,  

Bike considerations built in

Many of the popular spots and views of the Canadian Rockies like Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake have bike and hiking trails already incorporated in. Discovering these scenic landscapes are only enhanced on two wheels. In Banff alone, there are over 1.600 kilometers of hiking and biking trails.There is well reason why the Canadian Rockies are absolutely exquisite to see by cycle.  

All inclusive equals no worries

One of the best incentives about taking a cycling tour is that you have the option of choosing an all-inclusive bike and hike tour company. This means no hassle or worry about trying to coordinate your luggage, food, gear or accommodations. All you need to do is hit the road and let your guide and tour company handle the rest!

What to look for when booking group cycling tour

Depending on your own personal interests and the destinations you wish to visit in the Canadian Rockies, you’ll want to ensure some of the following points are mentioned when selecting a cycling tour company:
  • Quality Gear: You want to ensure the bikes and gear you will be using are inspected and maintained by a professional bike mechanic.
  • Luggage Transport: The company you select should have a section dedicated specifically to explaining how their luggage transport works from location to location.
  • Detailed, through Itineraries: Leave nothing to the imagination, when selecting a company they should provide you with a solid and detailed description of what the itinerary of the trip will look like as a part of the booking process.
  • Gear Checklists: This is an essential component of cycle tours, your company will provide you with some gear but it’s important to know what you will be responsible for as well.

Book you ultimate Canadian Rockie cycle tour

The Canadian Rockies are one of the jewels of Canada, planning your trip up and exploring it will be one of the most memorable experiences you can have. No one wants to leave feeling unfilled, this is why our team here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours takes meticulous care in the planning, coordination and execution of your tour. We pride ourselves on ensuring our tours highlight and respect the beauty of these national environments and showcases the exquisite beauty of the Canadian Rockies. For a detailed outline of the cycle tour, including daily activities, prices, and booking info, contact us today and get closer to experiencing the best of The Rockies.
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