Summer is in full force! And you know what that means: it’s that time of year for hiking once again. And while hiking itself is exciting, the thought of sifting through endless blogs, books, and magazines to find a decent trail doesn’t quite hold the same appeal. For this reason, we here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours have gathered the top hiking apps available to help you traverse the trails. So if you’re ready, keep reading to learn about the top hiking apps that will help you find and conquer the best hiking trails this summer!

1. The Outbound Collective

The Outbound app is great for versatility. It allows you to curate an incredible selection of hiking trails with rocky mountain cycling paths offering breathtaking views. Looking to hike in Banff but don’t know where to begin? Trying to find a new campground area? Let the database of the Outbound Collective take care of that for you. You can gain great insights and tips from a large community of outdoors devotees for your next hiking checklist, or find informative tips for Canadian Rocky bicycle tours, and other insights to help you take advantage of the great outdoors.

2. AllTrails

AllTrails is a mobile app brimming with recreational value. Enjoy 50,000 trail maps coupled with reviews and images garnered by countless backpackers, mountain cyclists, and runners. Whether your search is for a family-friendly trail or an extensive, meandering hike, AllTrails has got you covered. You can even organize the trails according to proximity, quality, and level of difficulty. Never be at a loss for where to go with the AllTrails app downloaded to your phone.

3. PeakFinder AR

Peak Finder is a marvel among its app counterparts. It’s capable of delivering a 360° bird’s eye view of nearby mountain ranges and beyond (up to 300 km away). All that’s required of you is to simply start the app, aim your phone in the direction of your desired location and PeakFinder instantly identifies the mountains that lay ahead. PeakFinder utilizes an integrated elevation model to render the panoramic views. Another superior feature of PeakFinder is that it doesn’t require an online connection and can function completely offline.

4. Relive

Relive allows you to produce a personalized 3D video story about your outdoor escapades. By condensing your data activity and coupling GPS and time-logged images from your phone, the video provides a 3D flyover of the trail. As such, landmarks are highlighted which include pertinent photos you’ve captured and pinned on the route of the map. An effortless way to share your hiking, running, and biking stories, Relive is an that is literally for everyone.

5. Hiking Project

Wherever you’re located, Hiking Project is your complete guide to some of the top hiking trails in your area. The app contains details on more than 3000 trails including information on campsites, accessible bathrooms, and even sources of water. Offering the kind of details of a map in print, this application provides complete GPS info, profiles of elevation, hands-on features, and images. Moreover, you can also find your location on trails utilizing its GPS availability. Think of Hiking Project as your guide; it recommends hiking trails to explore, shows you the high points, and offers the insights needed to plan for a great hike while on the trails.

6. Yonder

Every outdoor enthusiast wants to find the ideal hiking trail. In fact, locating (and traversing) those off-the-beaten-path trails is one of the most rewarding aspects of outdoor adventure travelling. This is where Yonder aims to bridge the gap. An app that offers an outdoors-oriented social community that permits you to share your experiences hiking, trail-hunting, and otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. Select the hiking, climbing, or backpacking categories to share your outdoor adventures with others.

7. Star Chart

Experience the totality of the Universe right in the palm of your hand Star Chart allows you to view the stars, planets, etc, within its unique application. Forget the giant telescope because, with this app, you can enjoy a lively and high-spirited star gazing experience. Turn to the night sky to locate the star-studded constellations. With the simple tap of a star or planet, you can view detailed information regarding its size, distance, and much more.

Final Thoughts

While you don’t require an app to have an amazing hiking experience, it sure does help to make things a little more interesting than they would have been otherwise. And anything that can bolster an experience, and make it more memorable is certainly worth it in the end. For this reason, be sure to give these apps and gadgets a try. You never know what kind of memories you’ll create! If you’re interested in getting involved in road cycling tours, hiking tours, custom tours, and more, be sure to contact us today for more information. Our team of expert outdoor enthusiasts at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, with decades of experience, are excited to hear from you.
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