If you’re planning a trip where you will be on a longer adventure, such as a Banff bicycle tour, you want to ensure you have the right bike for your journey. The right bike is important and if you want to ride in comfort, it’s good to review and try some of the bikes that have been more popular at Rocky Mountain Cycle. Make sure you take the time to prepare a good equipment list. What’s great about cycling bikes over the years is that there is such a large range available to choose from that can suit your needs. There are some differences to consider such as endurance road bikes that are generally more comfortable when traveling longer distances. These bikes are more similar to racing bikes compared to touring bikes. The other common bikes you will find on the trails are adventure road and gravel bikes. These bikes have disc braking and tires with knobs along with dropper seat posts. Whether you decide to go with an endurance bike or an adventure bike, they would both be good bikes for a touring trip. Touring bikes provide more of a comfortable and springy ride. They are made differently than other bikes. They are more durable and are often made with steel. The bike is set up in such a way that allows for a more relaxing position while you ride along and can be fitted for mudguards, wider tires, and pannier racks. The great thing about these kinds of bikes is that they are carefully tailored to carry luggage. To find the right bike for you, you need to understand the terrain you plan to ride and how much supplies and kit you want to take.

Some of the most popular touring bikes for Banff


***Best for bombproof reliability SPECS
  • Gearing: 48/36/26 crankset, 11–36t 10-speed cassette
  • Tires: 700x41c Surly ExtraTerrestrial
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre mechanical disc
  • Accessories: None


***Best for hard-wearing components SPECS
  • Gearing: 48/36/26 crankset, 11–36t 10-speed cassette
  • Tires: 700x40c Schwalbe Marathon Mondial
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre mechanical disc
  • Accessories: Mudguards, rear rack


***Best classic style tourer SPECS
  • Gearing: 48/36/26 crankset, 11–36t nine-speed cassette
  • Tyres: 700x32c Continental Contact
  • Brakes: Tektro Cantilever rim brakes
  • Accessories: Mudguards, rear rack


***Best for doubling up for the town and commuting duties SPECS
  • Gearing: 48/36/26 crankset, 11–36t nine-speed cassette
  • Tires: 700x38c Bontrager H1 Hard-case
  • UltimateBrakes: TRP Spyre mechanical disc
  • Accessories: Front and rear rack

Reasons to buy a certain bike

There are some things to watch for when you are looking for a good bike. Here are some of the top things to consider.
  • There are plenty of gears to choose from at the low end.
  • Thru-axles are built-in for better disc alignment.
  • There are many bosses for mounting your equipment.
  • A good relaxed position for comfort during long rides.

Reasons to pass on the purchase

The main things you will want to avoid or consider adding are below.
  • Doesn’t come with mudguards, racks, dynamo, etc.
  • Not many low-end gears to choose from.
  • Lack of bosses for mounting your equipment.
  • Not a comfortable riding position for long rides.
Use this as your guide next time you consider a touring bike for Banff! Happy riding!
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