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With its vast and magnificent landscape, Canada is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts.

From the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, with their snow-capped peaks, to the serene beauty of the rural countryside and the exquisite national parks, Alberta Canada bike tours offer a breathtaking and varied backdrop.

Whether it’s the challenging elevations of Alberta or the picturesque routes that meander through quiet forests and tranquil lakes, Canada bike tours promise an unforgettable adventure for all.

The terrain’s diversity not only tests cyclists’ skill and endurance but also provides endless opportunities for discovery and enjoyment. Each pedal stroke on these bike trips uncovers a new facet of Canada’s natural beauty, making every tour a unique and memorable experience.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies

The allure of the Canadian Rockies for cycling tours lies in their unrivalled natural beauty and the sense of adventure they offer. With its rugged terrain, towering peaks, and stunning valleys, this majestic mountain range provides an exquisite canvas for cyclists seeking both beauty and a challenge.

Riding through the Rockies, one can expect to encounter breathtaking vistas at every turn, from pristine lakes reflecting the mountainous skyline to wildflowers dotting the landscape. The sense of solitude and immensity experienced here is unparalleled, offering riders a chance to connect with nature.

Additionally, the variety of trails available means that every level of cyclist, from the novice to the experienced, can find routes that cater to their skill and endurance levels.

Whether it’s the thrill of conquering steep ascents or the tranquillity of gliding through peaceful pine forests, cycling in the Canadian Rockies is an adventure that encapsulates the heart of Canada’s wild beauty.

Icefields parkway bike tour

Iconic Road Cycling Tours by Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours

Here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, we offer a range of iconic road cycling tours designed to immerse participants in the breathtaking massive glaciers of Canada. Here’s a closer look at some of their most captivating offerings:

Best of Lake Louise & Banff National Park

Our Best of Lake Louise & Banff cycling tour promises an unparalleled adventure starting and ending in the picturesque Banff, Alberta. The first day kicks off at the Banff train station, leading us along the scenic Bow River and Bow Valley Parkway to the iconic Lake Louise, with an optional detour to the breathtaking Moraine Lake. Day two elevates the experience, taking us to the highest point on the Icefields Parkway, offering extraordinary views of Peyto Lake and culminating in a serene lunch at Bow Lake. The final day introduces a blend of Banff’s local favourites, weaving through historic roads and offering panoramic views, ending with a final group lunch to celebrate the tour’s conclusion. The total distance covered ranges from 40 to 87 kilometers per day, with elevation gains up to 1199 meters, catering to various cycling proficiencies and ensuring an unforgettable experience amidst Canada’s majestic Rockies.

Banff Road Cycling Tours

Icefields Parkway

Our Icefields Parkway Adventure begins and concludes in the stunning location of Banff, Alberta, offering an immersive cycling experience through some of Canada’s most breathtaking landscapes. The trip starts on a Sunday at the Banff train station, where adventurers meet their guides and fellow cyclists before heading to Jasper via shuttle. The picturesque vistas during the transfer are a prelude to the adventure that awaits. The first overnight stay is at the Jasper Inn, providing an opportunity for participants to adjust their bikes and explore Jasper.

The following days are filled with awe-inspiring rides through diverse terrain, starting with the secluded valleys en route to Athabasca Falls and the captivating Athabasca River Valley. Participants will marvel at geological wonders such as the Columbia Icefield, tackle the heights of Sunwapta Pass and Bow Summit, and bask in the natural beauty of Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks. The adventure encompasses cycling to Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park and concludes with a serene ride along the Bow Valley Parkway back to Banff. Over the course of this trip, cyclists traverse various distances, encountering elevations that challenge and reward in equal measure. The tour promises memories of Canada’s rugged beauty that will last a lifetime, ending with a comforting return to the starting point in Banff, where we bid farewell until our next adventure.

Icefields parkway bike tour

Jasper to Banff 500

Take an unforgettable trip with our Jasper to Banff 500 tour is a meticulously crafted cycling adventure that begins and ends in the picturesque town of Banff, Alberta. This six-day expedition kicks off on a Sunday, starting with an awe-inspiring shuttle ride to Jasper National Park. After gathering at the Banff train station at 9 am, participants are treated to breathtaking scenery en route to Jasper, where, upon arrival, they size up their bikes for a leisurely acclimatization ride to Jasper’s famous lakes. The first night is spent at Jasper Inn, complemented by a group dinner and orientation, covering a distance of 16km with both ascent and descent of 129m.

The subsequent days are filled with unparalleled natural beauty and challenging rides, including a trip to Jasper National Park’s largest lake, Maligne Lake, and an exploration of the deepest canyon in the Canadian Rockies, Maligne Canyon. The tour also offers cyclists a chance to tackle a portion of the route used in the 2017 Tour of Alberta, including significant climbs to the Marmot Basin ski area and breathtaking descents past Athabasca and Sunwapta Falls. Accommodations include another night at Jasper Inn and a stay at the Sunwapta Falls Resort.

A highlight of the trip is the thrilling climb to the Columbia Icefields and across the Sunwapta Pass, followed by a scenic descent. The final days bring even more visual splendors as participants conquer the highest point on the Parkway at Bow Summit, take in the stunning views at Peyto Lake, and challenge themselves to climb Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Concluding on Friday with a scenic ride back to Banff via the Bow Valley Parkway, the tour offers potential wildlife sightings and unforgettable views of local landmarks. The adventure ends with farewells as riders are dropped off at the train/bus station or a hotel of their choice by 1:00 p.m., marking the close of a truly memorable cycling experience through some of Canada’s most stunning landscapes.

Jasper Road Cycling Tours
Banff cycling tours

Best of the West Rocky Mountain Lakes

The Best of the West Rocky Mountain Lakes tour is a captivating 6-day cycling adventure that begins and ends in the picturesque town of Banff, Alberta. The tour kicks off on a Sunday, gathering cyclists at the Banff Train Station at 9 am. The adventure starts with a scenic transfer through the majestic landscapes of Banff and Yoho National Park, traversing the Continental Divide and passing through Glacier and Mt Revelstoke National Parks to reach the charming town of Revelstoke. Here, participants are welcomed with an acclimatizing ride around the Columbia Valley.

The following days are packed with memorable experiences, each distinguished by breathtaking rides and unique highlights. From cycling down the Columbia River valley and crossing Upper Arrow Lake by ferry to soaking in the natural Halcyon Hot Springs under the stars and exploring the small mountain towns of Nakusp and Kaslo, the tour covers an impressive range of landscapes and experiences. Participants will enjoy varying distances daily, with challenges and the beauty of Canada’s West, ending each night in relaxing accommodations.

The adventure continues with rides along Kootenay Lake, quaint village explorations, and finally, a memorable last day cycling around Kootenay Lake before returning to Banff. Overall, the Best of the West Rocky Mountain Lakes tour encapsulates the natural splendor, thrilling rides, and serene charm of the Canadian Rockies and its lakes, offering an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Jasper Road Cycling Tours

Great Canadian Mountain Traverse

The Great Canadian Mountain Traverse is a compelling 7-day cycling journey that begins in Lake Louise, Alberta and concludes in the adventurous hub of Whistler, British Columbia. This tour guides cyclists through some of Canada’s most striking and diverse landscapes, starting with a challenging ride from Lake Louise to Sunwapta Falls, covering 180km with a substantial elevation gain of 1900 meters. The scenic route passes through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, over Bow Pass, past the iconic Columbia Icefields, and down to Sunwapta Falls.

The subsequent days unfold with equally remarkable rides, from Sunwapta to the majestic Mt Robson, then winding through the North Thompson River valley into the serene Blue River. The route ascends into the Cariboo Plateau’s enchanting lakes on its way to Lac des Roches and onward through picturesque lake country to the Gold Rush trails leading to Clinton. The final leg from Clinton to Lilloet showcases British Columbia’s dramatic transformation from lush forests to semi-arid canyonlands, culminating in an arduous but breathtaking ride from Lilloet to Whistler. Ascending into the Coast Mountain Range, this stage presents the steepest grades of the trip, serving unparalleled scenic views as a reward for the effort. The epic adventure ends in Whistler Village, where participants can celebrate their achievements in the serene comfort of their chosen accommodations.

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We strive to exemplify a commitment to excellence and a deep passion for exploring Canada’s rich tapestry of natural wonders.

With unrivalled expertise in curating cycling experiences, they ensure that every bike tour is more than just a ride; it’s an immersive expedition through some of Canada’s most stunning scenery.

Our planning takes cyclists on journeys through national parks, across rural countryside, along paths framed by snow-capped mountains, and beside serene lakes reflecting the vast sky.

Each trip is thoughtfully designed to explore Canada’s unparalleled beauty, from the rugged grandeur of the Rockies to the tranquil vistas of Alberta’s plains.

Our dedication to providing exceptional experiences is evident in its selection of routes, all chosen to showcase breathtaking landscapes while accommodating various skill levels.

Cyclists who embark on a tour with us at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, you can trust our expertise to guide you through an unforgettable exploration of Canada’s majestic outdoors.

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