Canada’s Rocky Mountains are a beautiful, scenic location where people can go cycling for days of wonder and bliss. Self-guided biking tours of the mountains usually cover parts between Banff and Jasper that have all major tourist attractions. These trails are not limited to just the normal paths – companies like Rocky Mountain Cycling take some different, less known routes with many different attractions. The mountain views are breathtaking – you have to see it for yourself! Places like Banff and Jasper National Parks cover large areas of the mountain range and offer miles of gorgeous biking routes and hiking trails that reward travelers with unbelievable views. The Canadian Rockies are also full of wonders where hikers can marvel at towering waterfalls while climbers can also test their stamina on challenging peaks such as Mount Robson, which reaches 12,972 feet in height.

Here are some of the most incredible sights you will ever experience when cycling in the Rocky Mountains.

75 feet above the water, Athabasca Falls is a sight to see.
  • A storm of mist and spray explodes over the edge as it falls off an 85-foot cliffside before hitting limestone below. The sheer force of power can create potholes in its path according to Wild Canada. A visit to Athabasca Falls is a must!
The gorgeous Maligne Lake sits in the heart of Jasper National Park, where it glimmers like a sapphire bathing under an endless blue sky.
  • The enchanting turquoise water is so vivid and bright that it appears almost fluorescent. Surrounding this beautiful body of water are towering pine spires that frame majestic snowy peaks above.
​​If you’re looking for an otherworldly experience, biking through the nearby Maligne Canyon is a must.
  • In this ethereal gorge, gushing water cuts its way through limestone walls and gives rise to springs in many places along with moss-covered cliffs that are sure to enchant any onlooker’s eye. Be on the lookout for bridges as they offer incredible views of nature at work here – it will leave your heart wild with excitement!
The 144-mile Icefields Parkway is a sparkling wonderland of icy enchantment.
  • There are over 100 glaciers along the route, including the imposing Athabasca Glacier. As you travel this highway on your bike or car, you’ll also see crystal clear lakes and an enchanting variety of wildlife that includes bighorn sheep, elk, and woodland caribou – all in good company with one another!
Cycling through the Canadian Rockies is an experience like no other. Taking in nature and the exercise we get from biking is what leaves people with smiles on their faces for weeks after the experience. It’ s no wonder the Canadian Rockies biking trails are known around the world!
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