Some of the Most Majestic Mountains of the World

Nestled in the rugged heart of the National Parks in the Canadian Rockies, the Icefield Parkway is more than just a road; it’s a journey through two national parks. Stretching over 230 kilometres of pristine wilderness, this world-renowned route offers cyclists an unforgettable voyage amidst majestic peaks, vibrant turquoise lakes, and vast ancient glaciers.

Prepare to pedal on nature’s canvas, where each turn unveils a panorama more stunning than the last, and the wild calls out to your spirit of adventure. Join us as we explore why the Icefield Parkway is not just a cycling tour but a pilgrimage for the soul.

Unmatched Scenic Beauty

The Icefield Parkway is the ribbon that binds an array of Earth’s natural masterpieces. As you cycle this enchanting route, an amphitheatre of towering mountain edifices encircles you, each one a silent sentinel to the passage of time. The journey reveals a succession of pristine glacial lakes, their waters an ethereal shade of blue, so pure and deep that they seem to mirror the very essence of the sky.

Along this corridor, the observant traveller may chance upon a wealth of wildlife in their natural habitat, from the majestic elk to the stealthy wolf, each creature a testament to the untamed heart of the Rockies. The Parkway offers a feast for the eyes and an elixir for the soul, with each pedal stroke drawing you deeper into the splendour surrounding you.

Icefields parkway bike tour
Icefields parkway bike tour

Grand Cycling Experience

With asphalt that unfurls like a smooth carpet beneath your wheels, The Icefield Parkway road conditions are impeccable, each segment meticulously maintained to ensure a ride as serene as the surrounding nature. Cyclists will relish the parkway’s gentle elevation changes that offer a satisfying challenge without overwhelming exertion.

The parkway caters to all, from leisurely riders seeking tranquil beauty to avid cyclists craving the rush of a brisk, mountain-clad wind.

Whether it’s the steady climb or the heart-racing descent that follows, every twist and turn of the parkway promises a rewarding experience that speaks to the adventurer in every rider.

Incredible Points of Interest

The Icefield Parkway tour isn’t complete without absorbing the striking points of interest like Jasper National Park along the way. Each landmark tells a story, and capturing these moments enriches the journey and creates lasting memories.


Meet the Guides

You will meet your guides and other guests in the morning at 9am. The meeting point will be at the Banff train station. From there, you will be transferred to Jasper via a shuttle van. Enjoy the spectacular mountainscapes during your transport.

Upon arrival at the Jasper Inn, participants can size up the bikes and take a tour of Jasper before our evening orientation and dinner.

Overnight: Jasper Inn & Suites


The Athabasca Valley

After a delicious breakfast, we depart the town of Jasper, taking a secluded valley road south to Athabasca Glacier Falls. En route, we will stop for a walk at Mt. Edith Cavell and the Angel Glacier, marvelling at a glacial lagoon studded with icebergs.

Lunch will be enjoyed before stopping at the raging Athabasca Falls. Then we’ll commence cycling along the wild Athabasca River Valley to our home for the night at Sunwapta Falls Resort.

A short walk to the falls will be the perfect way to stretch out after a fantastic dinner.

Overnight: Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge


Climb to Sunwapta – The North Saskatchewan River

On day 3, you’ll ride by the Columbia Icefield, the icon of the Icefields Parkway, a landscape unlike any other in the Canadian Rockies.

The surrounding peaks and glaciers are some of the most dramatic in the range. The ride continues over Sunwapta Pass, at 2035m/6676ft above sea level, to descend to the North Saskatchewan River crossing basin and end your day at the Crossing Resort.

Dinner at your leisure.

Overnight: The Crossing Resort


Mistaya Valley – Bow Summit

After a night’s rest, we climb out of the Mistaya River valley to the highest point. Driving the Icefields Parkway, the Bow Glacier Falls Summit is at 2134m/7000ft.
A detour to the Peyto Lake viewpoint is essential.
The day ends with a descent following the Bow Lake River to Lake Louise, where our rest stops for the next two nights.

Overnight: Mountaineer Lodge


Moraine Lake – Takakkaw Falls

A ride to Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks is on day five of the itinerary; renowned as one of Canada’s most iconic sights, creating memories of a lifetime.

We will also go west into British Columbia to witness the marvels of Yoho National Park.

Enjoy the beauty of Takakkaw Falls, whether you pedal, cruise, or trek.

Overnight: Mountaineer Lodge


Bow Valley Parkway towards Banff

Our final day will lead us back towards Banff National Park along the Bow Valley Parkway, where we will be wildlife-watching.

The parkway offers spectacular wildlife-watching opportunities (maybe you’ll see Mountain goats!) in a tranquil environment.

The journey ends where it began, at the Banff Train Station, but not before we share memories and bid each other farewell.

Safety and Accessibility

While embarking on this transformative journey through such raw and spectacular terrain, the safety and accessibility of the experience remain paramount. Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours proudly offers a tour that has been meticulously designed to ensure maximum safety without compromising on adventure. Experienced guides, well-versed in the needs of cyclists of all levels, lead the way along the Icefields Parkway.

Accompanying support vehicles provide security, allowing riders to fully immerse themselves in the natural grandeur with peace of mind. Accessibility is also a cornerstone of the tour, with routes that accommodate varying degrees of cycling proficiency and rest stops strategically placed to offer respite in the presence of nature’s magnificence.

Cycling in Lake Louise

Whether navigating the exhilarating heights of Sunwapta and Bow passes or taking in the beauty of glaciers, lakes, and wildflowers, the tour ensures a seamless blend of safety, accessibility, and unadulterated wonder.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Join us for a unique cycling tour where you can connect with nature’s heartbeat and find luxury in the simple pleasures along the way. From the inns, we rest into the very air we breathe. Every moment is filled with awe and wonder.

Planning and Preparation

Professional Guides and Dining

2 Professional Guides from the region

Our tours are accompanied by two professional guides with intimate knowledge of the Canadian Rockies.

These local experts ensure a safe and enriching riding experience and share insights into the region’s history, geology, and ecology, enhancing the overall appreciation of the adventure.


  • 5 Breakfasts
  • 5 Lunches
  • 3 Dinners

Snacks and beverages are provided between meals to keep energy levels high and ensure riders are well-fueled for the journey ahead.


Hotel Accommodations in dbl occ:

Guests will be treated to restful stays in double occupancy rooms at the following establishments, known for their comfort and hospitality:

  • Jasper Inn & Suites
  • Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge
  • The Crossing Resort
  • Mountaineer Lodge

Transportation & Luggage

Transportation & Luggage:

Our tour package includes a support van to accompany cyclists, ensuring assistance is always available. Additionally, the package covers:

  • Transportation from/to Banff
  • Luggage transfers between the accommodations so that you can ride unencumbered.
  • All necessary National Park fees and other entry fees are also included, allowing for a hassle-free experience.

One of the Greatest Mountain Roadways on the Planet

Embrace the journey of a lifetime with us at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours and discover the Icefield Parkway, a true gem tucked within the Canadian Rockies. We invite every adventurer, whether a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, to join us amidst these towering peaks and pristine glaciers.

You’ll pedal through landscapes etched by the forces of nature, framed by the grandeur of the mountains and the serenity of the wilderness.

Let every stroke of your pedal be a chapter in an unforgettable story of exploration and connection with the great outdoors. Do not let this opportunity pass you by—claim your place in a tale as old as the Rockies yet as fresh as the crisp mountain air.

Transform today’s dreams into tomorrow’s memories.

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