Yes, going rocky mountain cycling in the great outdoors is ideal – and usually preferred by most cyclists. However, don’t let that deter you from taking advantage of some of the amazing fitness cycling apps that are out there. As a matter of fact, these applications can give you a rigorous workout on those days when the weather is less than favorable, or when you’re pressed for time. Additionally, these training apps have helped make indoor cycling a much more enjoyable (and realistic) experience. And that’s why we here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours want you to be aware of the top 5 fitness cycling apps that are available! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Zwift

Hats off to Zwift. More than any other app, Zwift has done a great deal to popularize both virtual racing and riding. Co-founded by Jon Mayfield, Eric Min, Scott Barger, and Alarik Myrin (gamers with an affinity for cycling), Zwift has unquestionably shifted and reconstructed the experience of riding indoors. While Zwift did not invent or develop digital riding, they did, however, innovate the social interaction and graphic components within the game. Once your account is created, you can interact with other cyclists while traversing the app’s digital landscapes.

2. Wahoo SYSTM

The Wahoo SYSTM is a novel online platform designed for training by the fitness technology brand. Wahoo has integrated The Sufferfest with a vast scope of additive training data in its latest app. Instead of going down the digital world path, and going against giants such as Zwift, SYSTM concentrates on helping you create and adhere to a training program. As such, you’ll feel confident in the comprehensive library of exercises and information. Directed toward time-constricted competitors, sportsmen, and athletes, SYSTM utilizes the profile of Wahoo’s Four-Dimensional Power (4DP) to assist with personalizing the training programs and exercises to your specific fitness level; taking into account your strengths as well as weaknesses.

3. RGT Cycling

With RGT Cycling, you can recreate real-life race tracks digitally. An acronym that stands for Road Grand Tours, RGT Cycling is in direct competition with Zwift. However, it’s competitive edge really comes with its ability to offer digital excursions of iconic pathways and race tracks from real life. There are single as well as group rides available. Moreover, RGT recently combined its two apps into a single app. Consequently, you now have the ability to connect a PC, tablet, or Mac using RGT Cycling to your smart bike.

4. Rouvy

Similar to RGT Cycling, Rouvy also offers virtual reality riding that allows your avatar to ride on the visuals of authentic, bona fide routes. The company provides augmented-reality racing that lets you ride alongside your friends. This feature is very similar to Zwift, however, instead of a full-on animated reality, the app integrates avatars. Rouvy gives you the ability ride anywhere – from exotic trails all the way to iconic real-life cycling events. With Rouvy, you can experience the world from the comfort of your own home.

5. Kinetic Fit

Merging the methodology of many of the previously listed apps, Kinetic Fit blends interval training with the incorporation of visuals. This permits you to view user-selected playlists on YouTube while you exercise. Moreover, you can even download movies directly to your device without having to break your focus from your workout routine. And with hundreds of tailored exercises and dozens of power plans (all designed by expert coaches), all the resources are available for you to reach your objectives.


While it may not be ideal for many cyclists who enjoy being outside, these fitness cycling apps – in addition to many others – are not to be underestimated. They can provide intense and strenuous workouts while also delivering gratifying visuals to help keep your mind focused. At Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, we house a team of dedicated sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers to guide you through many of the awe-inspiring landscapes that Alberta has to offer. We have been providing cycle tours for more than 4 decades! For these reasons, you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands when you choose us. If you’re interested in learning more about our services – contact us today for additional information.
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