Preparing for Your Cycling Adventure

Preparing for the cycling adventure

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours’ Icefields Parkway trip! Before you embark on this unforgettable journey through the Canadian Rockies, we’ve prepared a comprehensive pre-departure package to ensure you’re fully prepared. This package includes:

  • Essential pre-trip information
  • An equipment list
  • A medical questionnaire

Let’s explore together what an amazing experience your Icefields Parkway trip will be.

Getting There: From Calgary Airport (YYC) to Banff

By Air and Ground Transportation

Brewster airport bus

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is your gateway to the Rockies. Located approximately 125 km east of Banff, it is accessible within a day from anywhere in continental North America via various airlines.

Airport Shuttle Service: A convenient and popular option is the Brewster airport bus, which offers direct transportation from Calgary to Banff. For current schedules and to book your ticket, please visit Explorer Rockies. The one-way fare is between $70 – $80 CAD, while a round trip costs $150 to $175 CAD.

Taxi and Limousine Services: You can opt for a taxi or limousine for a more private ride. The approximate cost for a one-way trip to Banff is around $375 CAD. For bookings, contact Mayfair Taxi Ltd. in Calgary at 403-255-6555 or Banff Taxi at 403-762-8400.

*Please note that all costs in this article are based on 2024’s pricing and might have changed slightly since our last research.

Meeting Point and Time

Groups of cyclists gathering

Please plan to arrive in Banff at least a day before the tour starts, as we depart sharply at 9:00 am. We meet at the Banff Train Station, where you can wear casual clothing. If you’ve rented a bike from us, it will be ready and waiting for you there. Pickup and long-term parking options are also available in Canmore; please contact us for more details.

Pre-Tour Accommodations

Recommended hotels

To ensure you’re well-rested before the tour, we recommend staying in one of the following hotels or lodges:

Explore Banff and Lake Louise

Deer Banf

If time allows, we highly recommend spending a few extra days exploring the town of Banff and the surrounding area. Banff is a premier tourist destination known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty, including the world-famous Banff Springs Hotel and the historic hot springs.

Customs and Entry Requirements for Canada

Visa Canada

All visitors to Canada need valid identification, such as a passport. U.S. citizens and permanent residents usually face no difficulties but should carry a valid passport. Visitors from other countries may require additional documentation, such as visas. Please check with the nearest Canadian Consulate or your travel agent before travelling.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please visit Canada’s official travel site or contact our office directly. We’re here to help make your cycling adventure as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Enjoy Your Cycling Adventure

Cyclists are encouraged to help preserve

With this guide and our support, you’re set for a thrilling ride through one of the most beautiful settings on Earth. We look forward to seeing you in Banff and sharing an incredible cycling experience along the Icefields Parkway.


What health and safety measures are in place for the tour?

Safety gear
  • Medical Questionnaire: All participants must complete a medical questionnaire to assess fitness levels and disclose relevant health conditions.
  • Liability Waiver: A liability waiver, which outlines the inherent risks associated with outdoor activities, must be signed by all participants before the tour commences.

How is the tour supported on the road?

Bike Supplies and equipment
  • Guides and Safety: Our guides are professionally certified and have extensive knowledge of the local terrain, ensuring your safety throughout the tour.
  • Vehicle Support: A support van accompanies the tour, carrying all luggage and providing refreshments. It’s available for cyclists who need a break or assistance along the route.

What should I know about wildlife encounters?

Deer in the distance

Wildlife Safety: It is crucial to maintain a safe distance from wildlife and never feed them. Our guides will provide detailed briefings on handling potential wildlife encounters safely and responsibly.

Are there any environmental practices I should be aware of?

Untouched mountain landscape
  • Leave No Trace: We adhere to Leave No Trace principles to minimize environmental impact. This includes proper waste disposal, staying on designated trails, and respecting wildlife and natural habitats.

What about cell reception and navigation during the tour?

  • Communication: Cellphone reception is limited in many areas. Guides carry satellite communication devices for emergency use.
  • Navigation: Participants receive detailed maps and ride sheets. GPS route files are available for those with compatible devices.

How are meals handled on the tour?

Cyclists dining outdoors
  • Dietary Needs: We can accommodate all dietary restrictions with advance notice. Inform us early to ensure your needs are met.
  • Meals and Refreshments: Meals are prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and various cuisines are offered. Refreshments and snacks are provided during the rides to keep cyclists energized.

What are the post-trip opportunities for exploration?

Canadian Rockies

Extended Stay: We can help you arrange additional activities and accommodations if you wish to explore more of Banff, Lake Louise, and the surrounding areas after your cycling tour.

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