When you are depressed, the thought of exercise can be a daunting task that you may not care to do if you are struggling to even keep up with the daily activities of life. Depression is something that keeps us away from the very same thing that is one the very best things to combat it – Exercise. If you don’t have the energy, it is hard to get moving. The way the body works is that, to create the energy you must expend energy. When you first start exercising, the first workout is the hardest to get through mentally and physically. Just do it – Nike was really onto something… when you get started, just do the first few workouts with the knowledge to get over the uncomfortable feeling of working you, you must be ok being uncomfortable the first few times. Exercise and good health have been proven to improve your mode and how you feel. With more research, this has become concrete. When you exercise, it promotes chemicals in your brain that are proven to improve mental health. Emotional health and physical health is now considered to be a major therapeutic factor to combat mental health struggles such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Did you know that one of the best exercises for depression is cycling? Let’s go through some of the reasons why…

You can exercise as hard as you want to

Exercise can be harder depending on what type of exercise. What is great about cycling is that you can choose where you cycle to keep it flatter and with fewer hills. When you cycle, you can also choose how hard to push yourself. If you are just getting started, you can choose what gears for resistance, speed, and stick to relatively flat paths.

The social aspect is wonderful

Many cyclists find the aspect of the social environment around cycling is great for mental health. If you want to be able to find something in common with others, there are many cycling clubs and Alberta has several groups. One of the best ways to meet new cyclists is to get on the paths. Many people take Canadian Rockies bike trips and there are many great stops where you can socialize with new cyclists.

New and beautiful environments

Spending time in nature is another proven way to combat depression. Many cyclists in North America and from all around the world travel to the Canadian Rockies for some of the most beautiful and stunning views around the world. Cycling outside in the mountains is both breathtaking and meditative… contributing to your happiness and peace in your mental health.

Better physical health

When your physical health is sound, your mind is too. Your mental health is directly related to physical health because of the endorphins and other chemicals that your brain releases from physical exercise. Following a nutritious diet is a big part of this and, as of recently, scientists have proven there is a gut/brain connection so what you eat affects your mood. The goal is to eat more natural foods that keep your insulin in a good state. Your insulin levels greatly affect hormones and chemical release in your brain which can make a big difference in depression.

Better rest makes for a better life

When you get a lack of sleep, it greatly affects your brain’s chemical release. Lack of sleep has been proven to highly affect depression and when you get exercise from cycling daily, you will expend the stress, anxiousness, and energy it takes to ride. Many others who have struggled with depression have used cycling as the main tool that helps bring happiness and sunshine into their lives.
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