Creating memories with your family that will be forever engrained and recalled with pleasant nostalgia is a feat that all families embark on. The Canadian Rockies provide a unique backdrop to create some of these lasting memories. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to do around the Lake Louise area, one of them being a family cycle tour! In this article we’ll go through our top 3 family friendly recommended bike trails and give some tips on what to look for when choosing a kid friendly bike trail.

How to choose the best kid friendly biking trails

When it comes to planning and selecting a bike trail for your family, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. By taking into consideration things like your children’s endurance level, the trail’s elevation and overall distance travelled will all help filter through the many trails available. It’s also important to keep in mind that when looking at a trail you want to check if the distance reported is for a one-way trip or a round trip as well. Many families overlook this small detail and end up on longer journeys than they originally believed. One key component you can incorporate into family cycle tour is by adding in kid-friendly points of interest, this can include items like:
  • Bridges to cross
  • Rest stops or break points like benches or rest areas
  • Creeks or lakes
  • Rocks to climb
  • Bardwalks
  • Spotting wildlife
All of the cycle tours created here at Rocky Mountain Cycle have been designed to incorporate points of interest for the whole family.

The top 3 kid-friendly biking trails in Lake Louise

Tramline Trail

This unique trail is a perfect backdrop for a family cycle. This wide trail was actually a former route of a tramway which ran from 1912 to 1930 hence its name Tramline Trail. It offers unparalleled views of the valley floor to upper Lake Louise.The route is very well maintained, well signed and well used. There are sections of the trail with sitting benches, information signs and wooden footbridges. The trail crosses over Louise Creek on several occasions. For families looking for a little more of downhill riding experience, the trail comes out at the upper Lake Louise parking lot which can be used as an alternative starting point. Distance: 4.5 KM One-way Time: Under 3 hours Elevation:195 Metres Difficulty: Easy Distance: 7.1 km roundtrip Difficulty: Easy

The Bow River Loop

If leisurely riding alongside a gentle river is your intention, then the Bow River Loop is the trail ideal for you! This quaint, paved riverside trail travels along both sides of the Bow river. With no significant elevation and the ability to be shortened by taking any of the bridges, this trail loop is a family favorite by many. Interpretive signs are also a unique feature of the Bow River Loop, they will highlight parts of the Bow River ecosystem as you ride. Distance: 7.1 KM Round Trip Time: 1 hour Elevation:55 Metres Difficulty: Easy


Although the Pipestone trail isn’t paved, it is a well-maintained gravel trail. This trail follows along the Pipestone River into the Pipestone Valley which is north of Lake Louise. It is a quieter trail when compared to other bike trails (which isn’t always a bad thing). It is a great introductory to mountain biking as the tricky roots have been removed.This trail is popular amongst horseback riders and has an abundant wildlife scene as well. You can also make a stop in Lake Lousie village and treat yourself and family at the famous candy shop or another local bakery. Distance: 7 KM One-way Trip Time: 1 hour Elevation: 160 Metres Difficulty: Moderate

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Lake Lousie and the Canadian Rocky Mountains have a lot to offer families, the amount of family friendly activities is as abundant as beautiful scenery or wildlife. To help make the most of your family’s trip up to the mountains, trust the planning to Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours. Our expert tour guides will help immerse you in the landscape of the mountains and make memories you can fondly recall. Contact us today for more information on our kid-friendly cycle tours!
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