Experience the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies like never before with our electric bike tours. At Rocky Mountain Cycle, we now offer E-Bikes for all our cycling tours, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the adventure, regardless of fitness levels or experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, our e-bike cycling tours provide the perfect blend of excitement, comfort, and sustainability.

Why Choose Electric Bike Tours?

Effortless Exploration

Canadian Rockies summer climate

Electric bikes, or electric bicycles, come with a battery-powered pedal assist, making it easier to tackle hills, long distances, and headwinds. This means you can enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Rockies without the strain, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Inclusivity for All Riders

Cooler Climate

Our electric bike cycle tours are designed to accommodate riders of all abilities. Whether you’re worried about keeping up with a group or just want a more relaxed pace, e-bikes level the playing field. Couples or friends with different fitness levels can now cycle together comfortably, and solo travelers can take on more challenging routes with confidence.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

varied bike routes Canadian Rockies

E-bikes are emission-free, offering an eco-friendly way to explore the natural wonders of the Rockies. By choosing an electric bike tour, you’re contributing to the preservation of these beautiful landscapes for future generations.

Electric Bike Cycling Tours at Rocky Mountain Cycle

We are excited to introduce e-bikes to all our cycling tours, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of assistance you need. Here’s a glimpse of some of our popular tours that you can now enjoy with an e-bike:

Road Cycling Tours

Explore the Rockies on paved roads, taking in the breathtaking views and fresh mountain air. Our road cycling tours are perfect for those who prefer a smoother ride but still want to experience the thrill of cycling in the mountains.


Best of Lake Louise & Banff

Cycle through the iconic landscapes of Lake Louise and Banff with ease. The electric assist makes it possible to cover more ground and see more sights, all while enjoying the stunning scenery at a comfortable pace.

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

One of the most scenic routes in the world, the Icefields Parkway is a must-see. With an e-bike, you can effortlessly navigate the twists and turns of this beautiful highway, making stops at glaciers, waterfalls, and viewpoints along the way.

Jasper to Banff 500

Jasper to Banff 500

Take on the challenge of the Jasper to Banff 500 with the support of an electric bike. This epic journey covers 500 kilometers of pristine wilderness, and with an e-bike, you can focus on the experience rather than the effort.

Nova Scotia to the Rockies

Best of the West Rocky Mountain Lakes

Discover the hidden gems of the Rockies, including serene mountain lakes and picturesque valleys. Our e-bikes make it easy to explore these off-the-beaten-path locations without worrying about the distance or terrain. More details can be found here.

Best of the West Rocky Mountain Lakes

Great Canadian Mountain Traverse

Experience the ultimate adventure with the Great Canadian Mountain Traverse. This tour takes you through some of the most rugged and remote parts of the Rockies, and with an e-bike, you can enjoy the journey without the fatigue.

Great Canadian Mountain Traverse

Enhance Your Tour with E-Bikes

Effortless Riding

Effortless Riding

The electric assist bikes make uphill sections effortless, allowing you to enjoy longer distances without fatigue. Experience the thrill of cycling in the Rockies without worrying about challenging terrain.

Stunning Mountain Scenery

Stunning Mountain Scenery

Enjoy breathtaking views of the world-famous Canadian Rockies, from the winding mountain parkways to the serene Bow Valley Parkway. Our tours showcase Banff’s natural beauty, historical sights, and the picturesque Johnston Canyon.

Flexibility and Comfort

Flexibility and Comfort

Our modern fleet of e-bikes ensures a comfortable and reliable ride. With ample help from the electric motor, you’ll have more time exploring and less time struggling with difficult sections of the trail.

Why Ride or Hike with Rocky Mountain Cycle?

At Rocky Mountain Cycle, your authentic mountain experience is our top priority. We offer flexibility and freedom throughout your adventures, ensuring you can fully enjoy our beautiful backyard without sacrificing comfort or relaxation.

Safety and Professionalism

  • Two Professional Guides: Each tour includes two certified guides for a maximum of 12 guests, ensuring personalized attention and care.
  • Certified First Aiders: Our guides are certified first aiders and operate under the Interpretive Guide Association of Canada.
  • Quality Accommodations: We choose beautiful, comfortable accommodations to ensure you’re well-rested and ready for each day’s adventure.
  • Comprehensive Support: From luggage transport to gourmet meals prepared by your guides, we take care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying your trip.
Summer June to August

Social and Environmental Values

  • Support Local Communities: We use local accommodations, shop at local markets, and partner with local vendors, supporting the communities we visit.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our tours adhere to the principles of the ‘Leave No Trace’ movement, ensuring we minimize our impact on the natural environment.
Early Fall September to Early October

Join Us for the Ride of Your Life

Ready to explore the Canadian Rockies with the added boost of an e-bike? Visit Rocky Mountain Cycle to learn more about our tours and book your next adventure. Our electric bike tours are the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Rockies in a fun, sustainable, and accessible way. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the hidden secrets of the mountains with ease and comfort.

Explore Banff's Natural Beauty on Two Wheels

Join us on an electric bike tour and discover the hidden gems of Banff National Park. From the winding river pathways to the old growth forests, our tours offer a unique and immersive way to experience the stunning mountain scenery. Whether you’re riding through Banff’s favorite short hike trails or cruising past historical sights, our e-bike tours provide the perfect combination of fun and adventure.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Cycle?

Experienced Interpretive Guides

Experienced Interpretive Guides

Our local guides are passionate about the areas we explore and are eager to share their knowledge of the history, wildlife, and natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

High-Quality Equipment

High-Quality Equipment

Our bikes are regularly checked and tuned by professional mechanics, ensuring a safe and smooth ride. We also provide all necessary gear, including helmets and reflective vests, to make your trip worry-free.

Great Value

Great Value

You won’t find a better value on cycling or hiking tours in the Canadian Rockies. From the quality of our equipment to the expertise of our guides, we strive to offer an unparalleled experience.

FAQs about Electric Bike Tours

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

Electric bikes come with an additional small motor that assists the rider’s pedal power, making uphill sections effortless and allowing you to cover longer distances with ease.

Are E-Bikes Available on All Tours?

Most of our tours include the option to rent an e-bike. Check the tour information for specific details or contact us for availability.

Do I Need to Pre-Book an E-Bike?

Yes, we recommend pre-booking your e-bike to ensure availability, as they are in high demand.

Can I Use an E-Bike Even If Others Are on Standard Bikes?

Absolutely! E-bikes allow you to keep up with the group and enjoy the ride without worrying about fitness levels or challenging terrain.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The battery on our e-bikes typically lasts for a full day’s ride, depending on usage and terrain. Our guides will assist with charging and ensuring your bike is ready for the next day’s adventure.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Adventure

Experience the Canadian Rockies like never before with our electric bike tours. With the assistance of our e-bikes, you can tackle the terrain with ease, enjoy breathtaking views, and create lasting memories. Visit Rocky Mountain Cycle to book your tour today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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