Calgary is not just one of the most vibrant cities full of activities and things to check, see or do in Alberta, but in all of Canada! The city is known for its amazing sceneries, recently highlighted by the newest hit TV series, “The Last of Us.” It is famous for its skyscrapers, not to mention the Calgary tower. From self-guided tours, road cycling tours, and shopping to finding local eateries, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours is here to give you our top 7 solo things to do in Calgary!

Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is dedicated to art and history, consisting of collections of more than 30,000 different objects. Much of the art comes from all over Canada, and with rotating exhibitions, you’ll witness something new and different each time you visit! As a solo traveller, we recommend checking out this museum as you can focus and immerse yourself in everything you see.

The Last of Us filming locations

Did you know Alberta is where the latest hit TV show, The Last of Us was filmed? If you’re a fan, then you want to check out these Calgary locations:
  • 4th Avenue Flyover Bridge
  • Calgary Airport Tunnel
  • Downtown Calgary
  • Sait Polytechnic Calgary
  • Mount Royal University
Although these locations won’t be dressed up like a spitting image of a post-apocalyptic zombie-infected setting when you arrive (hopefully not!), fans of the series will quickly recognize these landmarks from the show. Not to worry, not a clicker on site.

Monster Zipline

Did you know that Calgary is home to the fastest Zipline in North America? At Canada Olympic Park, you can ride this zip line that is 1640 feet long and reach a top speed of 75 mph. Whether you do this activity solo or with a friend, this exciting venture will pump your adrenaline!

Walking Tours

If you need help with road cycling tours, there are several free walking tours in Calgary with a local guide. We recommend going on a historic Stephen Avenue tour to learn about its history; your guide can tell you many exciting stories from the past. Don’t forget to stop by Stephen Avenue for lunch or a drink, as there are many great restaurants in that area!

Prince’s Island Park

It doesn’t matter what season it is in Calgary, Prince’s Island Park is a great walk to check out the city’s nature and skyscrapers. During the spring to the fall, walking next to the river is very calming, with lots of opportunities for a great photo! Not a fan of walking? Hop on one of the city’s many E-scooters or rent a bike! There are many pathways to traverse around this park.

Kensington Village

Visiting Kensington Village is a must for solo day/night trips in Calgary. If you are a cat person, drop by the popular Regal Cat Cafe for a coffee or dessert, and entertain some cats (or more so yourself). Asides from getting to play with furries, here you’ll also find:
  • Local eateries
  • Breweries
  • An oyster bar
  • Book stores
  • Record stores
  • Board game cafe
  • Thrift shops
  • Spas

Road Cycling Tours

Although there are plenty of things to do in the City, it’s also highly recommended to check out the nature in its surrounding areas. We are talking about Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper and more! What better way to explore all these while exercising than going on road cycling tours? You’ll be able to experience these areas along with other hidden gems of the Canadian Rockies while traversing the road, meeting and making new friends!

Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours

We hope this list gives you many ideas for enjoying your solo time in Calgary! Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours provides a tailored experience around the Canadian Rockies and beyond. We offer professional guides to accompany you on small to large-group tours. We do hiking and custom tours as well. Contact us for any questions or inquiries, and we hope you have a fun solo trip in Calgary, Alberta!
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