Kananaskis is easily one of the most beautiful and breathtaking regions in all of Canada. The glorious mountains, pristine lakes, and vast expanses of untouched wilderness provide a picturesque backdrop you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Over 5 million people visited this majestic region in 2020, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from the amazing views, there’s also an abundance of fun things to do during the winter in Kananaskis. So if you’re curious to learn about the recreational activities in the area that are available, then keep reading. Because today, we’ll be discussing 7 epic activities to experience in Kananaskis during the winter season.

1. Snowshoe & Stargazing Tours

Do you crave adventure? Are you itching for new experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime? Then you’ll cherish the snowshoe and stargazing tours of Kananaskis Country. Get swept up in the pristine beauty offered by the night ambiance. Seeing the stars in the night sky act as sparkling diamonds will give you a new lease on what true beauty really is. And traversing through the trails in your comfortable snowshoes will make you feel assimilated into Canadian culture. Surely, these tours will be a memory you’ll never forget.

2. Campfire Lodging

Book a stay at the right place, and you can enjoy a warm and cozy fireside mixer in the chilly Canadian winter. The contrast between the ice-cold weather and comfortable lodge fire has a soothing effect. You’ll feel a unique sense of safety and solace as you cozy up to the generous fire pit with a drink in one hand and a delicious s’mores sandwich in the other.

3. Husky Dog Sledding Tour

It wouldn’t be an authentic Canadian visit without a dog sledding tour experience, would it? And in Kananaskis Country, you can find the perfect mushers to give you that memorable adventure. While on the tour, you’ll be ushered through various settings and landscapes, all while being educated on Alberta’s rich history. Moreover, you’ll also be delivered to a variety of resting stations for snacks and refreshments. And if that weren’t enough, then snapping some photos of the many bison herds surely will be. The majestic wildlife is another element that attracts so many visitors every year to Kananaskis.

4. Fat Tire Mountain Biking

Want an activity that gets the adrenaline pumping, the blood flowing, and the excitement at an all-time high for your Kananaskis visit? Fat tire mountain biking is right up your alley! With 4.5 inch tires mounted onto the bike frame, these behemoths will allow you to traverse through the endless Kananaskis terrain with ease. To ensure optimal safety, it will help to have some kind of mountain biking background, where you’ve been exposed to opposing terrain. However, other tours offer a more relaxed biking experience as well, if need be.

5. Ice Skating

What more Canadian activity is there than ice skating? Probably none. After all, our national sport is hockey. Take full advantage of the Canadian experience by indulging in some ice skating at the village pond in Kananaskis Country. Next to the Kananaskis Lodge, you’ll find an outside hockey rink, as well as a gorgeous skating pond suitable for kids and adults of all ages. Lose yourself in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape while calmly skating by on the ice. A pleasant experience that will truly make you appreciate the little things.

6. Snowshoe Excursions

In Kananaskis Country, the hiking season is in full effect – all year round! That is, if you expand your definition of hiking. Take winter by the horns with a snowshoe walking tour! You will journey through various countryside landscapes in your snug and cozy snowshoes – all while your trusted tour guide divulges the history of Kananaskis Country. Moreover, you’ll also learn the unique and interesting ways in which the wildlife copes with the desolate and unforgiving winter season. As such, you may develop a deeper appreciation for the animals that we often think of as “inferior”.

7. Snowcat Skiing

Consider yourself the adventurous type? Then you’ll love this unorthodox method of skiing! Snowcat skiing involves skiers as well as snowboarders being taken to a remote mountain. The seclusion provides a unique skiing experience as you traverse your way through virgin land full of fresh snow. As a result, it may easily be one of those unforgettable times that you’ll brag to all your friends about for years.

Final Thoughts

The list of fun and unique recreational activities offered by Kananaskis Country is unending. With its beautiful views, stunning wildlife, and engaging pastimes, there is truly something for everyone here. And with so much to explore and experience, there’s no time to waste! Get off the sidelines and get in the action!
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