Astounding hiking areas and views, and a glimpse of the natural wonders of Canada: we are talking about Yoho National Park. Located on the western slopes of the Great Divide, Yoho National Park provides 6 epic things, from a backpacking trip to paragliding to activities that will keep you immersed during your visit!

1. Burgess Shale fossil hikes

Being the oldest evidence of earth’s ancestry, the Burgess Shale fossil can be found in Yoho and Kootenay National Park during your guided hike! The Burgess Shale provides connections between species from today to centuries long ago. The historic fossil can also be found in your hikes at Walcon Quarry, Mount Stephen, and Stanley Glacier.

2. Lake O’Hara

Yoho National Park also offers short hikes and walks to multi-day hikes at Lake O’Hara. This is where you can find breathtaking views of the valleys, lakes, and vistas! But… make sure you plan a trip early as reservations are required to take a bus during your visit.

3. Camping

Yoho National Park also provides a night in their campgrounds, where you can sleep under the stars. Whether you decide to do a front-country or backcountry camping, Yoho National Park certainly has you covered!

4. Backpacking

And speaking of backcountry camping, you may also try going on a backpacking trip with your family and friends. And if you’re feeling confident in hiking, you can have access to Rockwell Trail located in Kootenay National Park, which is by Goodsir Pass in Yoho.

5. Cycling

If you desire to drive through a road leading to the Great Divide, then mountain biking and road cycling through Kicking Horse Trail OR Old 1A Highway is the way to go! If you’re worried that the roads are prone to fire, don’t worry – Yoho National Park ensures safe rides for all bikers.

6. Red chairs

Yoho saved you a seat at the country’s finest – Adirondack chairs. The infamous chair is located at Takakkaw Falls and Yoho Lake. Invite your friends, snap a selfie, grab a seat, and enjoy the views the location has to offer! There is much more you can do during your visit at Yoho, such as fishing, wildlife watching, and paragliding. When it comes to adventures in nature, Yoho does not disappoint.
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