If you find a ride you took was not enjoyable, the usual reason would be some sort of emergency. You could end up injured, have a flat tire be stranded on the road, or even hit by a car… knock on wood… many Canadian bike tour companies can report that this is something that unfortunately happens and it’s up to the cyclist to ensure to have what they need to keep safe. There are many types of gadgets and gear out there for biking. Some accessories have to do with safety while other types of accessories have more to do with safety. There are so many cool gadgets and accessories you can choose from if you are looking in the realm of safety. You will want to focus on what will keep you safe on the road or if you become stranded. If you want to know what is most important, there are some great items to attain for your riding safety. We are going back to the basics to not lose focus on what is most important for your safety and for other drivers to notice you. Canadian bicycle tours

Here are the top five picks we have narrowed down to ensure your ride is safe and enjoyable.

1 – Be reflective.

  • Reflective clothing allows for other drivers and bikers to see you when it is darker. You can get either clothing or you could get reflective strips and stick them or sew them to your cycling clothes.

2 – Make your bike reflective.

  • Reflectors on your helmet and bike are an absolute must to add to your reflective clothing. You must show up in the dark as much as possible. Be sure your reflective strips or reflective accessories or on the front, back, and sides of your bike.

3 – Take care of your head.

  • A good helmet and eye gear are important to have. Don’t cheap out on your helmet and make sure you get one that has great reviews and high ratings for protecting your noggin. Also, make sure you have good protective eyewear for all lighting. When you go fast, there is a good chance that bugs could fly into your eyes. If this happens it could lead to your eyesight being temporarily or permanently harmed.

4 – Get a tube and tire pump.

  • If you get a flat, you will want to be prepared. There is no way you can go without an extra tire tube and bike pump. Be sure you have both along with you. You can get your tire pump as an accessory that will clip right on your bike.

5 – Install a lighting and signal system.

  • You should have a good light on your helmet that shines into the night just like headlights on a car. Be sure you also install a signal turning and brake light accessory added to your bike.
You should also include a cycle duffle or small pack and be sure you keep extra water for hydration, nuts, and fruits if you need extra energy, a mini flashlight for any emergencies, a pocket knife, bear spray, and a first aid pack. If you want to know more or have any questions, you could always contact a local Canadian bicycle tour company for some advice for when you are planning your next cycling tour. These professionals have taken many trips and know the most updated accessories you could add to your safety arsenal.
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