Whether you’re going rocky mountain cycling or for a simple bike ride around your block, the proper cycling shoes are essential. Ideally, they need to be light yet stiff for pedalling efficiency. With shoes, every detail matters in enhancing your riding experience, and that’s why diligence is required when searching for the right cycling shoes. At Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, we have been providing cycling and hiking tours to international travellers for 50 years. So if you’re wondering what to look for in a pair of bike cleats for your rocky mountain cycles, we’ve covered you with 5 things you need to look for when buying cycling shoes!

1. Flexible Sole

A recreation cycling cleat has a more pliable sole than its road cycling counterpart, surrendering efficiency for comfort. These cleats are usually styled wildly different from racing cleats, taking after hiking or trainer shoes. A flexible sole makes a recreational cycling shoe appropriate for commuting and everyday rides to pubs, lounges, and cafes. Soles are typically created from nylon or carbon fibre for a more lightweight design. Mountain bike and recreation cycling cleats are usually more flexible and offer a tread for grip while hiking or walking.

2. Proper Fit

Acquiring a comfy shoe is essential, so it’s worth going to a stocked-up bike shop to try a few pairs of cycling shoes before buying. Remember, sport the same socks you will wear while riding your bike. Similar to non-cycling shoes, sizes differ between brands. Certain brands cater to various foot widths, offering a ‘wide’ rendition of their cleats, while other brands aim to fit more narrow feet. Some brands offer a more personalized approach if you want to take comfort and efficiency to the next level. For example, Bont and Shimano now create cleats you can warm up in a cookstove and shape to your feet, providing a more customized fit.

3. Closure system

Factories use varied methods to ensure cycling shoes remain on your feet: Wire laces, velcro straps, and ratcheting buckles strapped with dials. Ratchet dials pull a slender steel wire to secure your shoes around your feet and are enormously popular. Lace-up cycling cleats have also become prevalent again. Laces ensure effortless fine-tuning of the strain on top of each foot.

4. Uppers

Natural leather is always favoured for shoes, but synthetics are standard. Uppers can be either or. They’re typically created to be lightweight and sport mesh panels. Clammy and perspiring feet can feel discomfiting, particularly on lengthy rides, and these panels are devised to bypass that.

5. Sole Footbed

Sometimes cycling shoes arrive with a footbed (also known as an insole) that can be modified to offer better arch reinforcement while riding. If you have to adjust the fit of your cleats, aftermarket footbeds are available too.

Enjoy Rocky Mountain Cycling in Your New Biking Shoes

The proper pair of shoes is integral to enjoying your rocky mountain cycles. For this reason, it’s important to find the right pair for you to get the most out of your riding experience. At Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, our team is bolstered by bold adventurists! Each team member has extensive experience in the great outdoors. Whether skiing, hiking, biking, or snowboarding, we have the expertise to turn your rocky mountain cycles into memories you’ll never forget. Contact us today to create your rocky mountain cycling experience!
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