Are you a cyclist? Do you enjoy biking long distances on clear trails? If so, you probably have your checklist of essentials: helmet, water bottle, cycling glasses, etc. But one important item you should never forget is, of course, your gloves! Whether preparing for a bicycle tour or just cycling recreationally, you must ensure your gloves are good quality. Gloves keep your hands warm on cold days, soak up sweat on hot ones, and help you maintain a firm grip while cycling. But do you know what to look for in a good pair of gloves? If not, don’t stress; we here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours have got you covered! Keep reading to learn the 4 important things you should look for in your bicycle gloves!

1. Padding

Half and full-fingered gloves are available with palm padding (and also without it). The padding absorbs vibrations and disperses pressure. This feature is beneficial for riding in harsh terrain or going on lengthy bike rides. Padding is generally made from gel, foam, or sometimes even a mixture of both. Moreover, padding drastically increases comfort and eliminates numbness or tingling.

2. Fabric

Your glove’s fabric will influence its cost, fit, and durability. A quality pair of gloves can endure a lot of stress; however, it’s better if your gloves get abused rather than your hands. Bike gloves use various fabrics for their composition, such as mesh, leather, wool, etc. But the most critical factor is the fit: Ensure it’s snug and comfortable. You don’t want a glove that’s too big or too small.

3. Cold Weather Gloves

For cyclists who are gluttons for punishment, gloves are available for you too! You can purchase Insulated-specific gloves for winter. In addition to the traditional insulated five-finger bike gloves, three and four-finger gloves are also available. These are excellent options if you want something unique and different. Moreover, these gloves are designed to keep your fingers close. However, you still retain the skill to operate the brake and tightly grip the handlebar

4. Full-Finger Cycling Gloves or Half-Finger Gloves?

Many cyclists prefer half-finger gloves for grip strength and comfort. But if you frequently bike in nippy conditions, you may want to opt for some full-finger gloves, as they offer more defence against the elements or even a collision.

Key Takeaway

A great cycling experience depends on the appropriate gear. The more your gear ticks all the boxes, the better and more enjoyable your bike excursions will be. And the right pair of gloves is essential to ensure that outcome! At Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours, we have 50 years of riding, hiking, and custom tour experience. Moreover, our guides are trained and qualified to help you experience Canada in ways you never thought possible! So if you’re ready, contact us today to create your Rocky Mountain adventure!
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