Summer is right around the corner. And you know what that means: Warmer temperatures, more daylight, and of course, the opportunity to engage in some rocky mountain hiking tours! Hiking is one of the most popular activities during the summer season. As such, it’s important to ensure you have everything you need to fully enjoy yourself and get the most out of the experience. And that’s what we here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours want to help you to achieve. As a result, we have compiled a detailed checklist of the 3 main items you’ll need to take full advantage of your hike! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Hiking Hardware

When most people think of hiking hardware, they typically associate it with a durable hiking backpack. Fair enough. However, the correct gear for a hiking tour goes far beyond the bag you carry on your back. Instead, it encompasses your entire ensemble for the trip itself. This includes your hiking boots, synthetic or wool socks, moisture-wicking t-shirt, as well as a lightweight jacket if necessary. Be sure to check the weather report leading up to – as well as the day of – your hiking trip to ensure you’re dressing appropriately.

2. Sustenance

Your body is a machine. As such, it needs the correct fuel to remain energized and enlivened. For this reason, ensure that your bag is packed with enough high-quality food and water to sustain you throughout the trip. Without such sustenance close at hand, you’ll be hard-pressed to complete the hike or even have an enjoyable time. Some good food ideas for your hike can include:
  • Trail Mix
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Oats
  • Granola bars
  • Protein shakes
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Beef jerky
Having the right food (and enough water) during your rocky mountain hiking tour is a great way to stay refreshed and make the most out of the experience!

3. Accessories

Many accessories will be needed on your hike – especially if it’s a particularly long excursion. And while you may not need every item on the trip, it’s better to exercise caution and adhere to the old expression, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Some of these accessories are as follows:
  • Sunscreen and sun hat: The summer sun can be unforgiving. Protect yourself by having the right commodities within your grasp while on the hike. Namely, sunscreen and protective hats. These accessories will protect your exposed skin from sunburn.
  • Medications: If you have any allergies, conditions, ailments, etc, be prepared by having your prescriptions with you on the hike. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Hand sanitizer: You may find yourself naturally touching the environment around you: rocks, trees, the gravel dirt paths if you’re trekking up a slope. Whatever the case, ensure you have some hand sanitizer handy to clean your palms afterward.
  • Insect repellent: Summer is the time of year when the bugs, insects, and other creepy-crawlies are out in abundance. And few things can ruin a hike like annoying mosquitoes constantly buzzing in your ear or biting your legs, arms, etc. Insect repellent is your best friend in these circumstances.
  • Bear mace: From little pests to giant carnivores, you must be prepared. Depending on where you’re hiking, bear mace may very well be a crucial item to bring along.
  • First aid kit: Accidents happen. And if you hurt yourself on a hiking trip, it may be some time before help arrives – depending on how far out you are. As a result, packing a first aid kit is invaluable and should be top of mind.
  • Compass: When you’re in the mountainous outback, cellphone reception may be compromised or even cut off altogether. As such, having a compass ready is an important aspect of the overall safety of your hiking expedition.
The right accessories will give you peace of mind. And what’s more, if anything does go sideways – God forbid – you’ll be properly prepared and equipped to handle whatever situation is presented to you.

Final thoughts

A hike is an amazing experience: Being out in nature, soaking up the sunshine, and getting physical exercise all culminate together to create the perfect excursion. But to truly make the most of this experience, having the right items and accessories at hand is essential. For 45 years, we here at Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours have been offering both cycling and hiking expeditions to the good people of Alberta! As such, we house a team of seasoned expeditionists who can answer your questions and provide you with valuable insights for your trip. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to get in contact with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.
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